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  • AshWolf Forever

    Hello, my lovely readers.

    You might be wondering why there's only one page on this site at this time. In short, it was too complicated for me to keep track of what had been transferred to World Anvil and what was up to date period without deleting the pages.

    At this point, I am not sure I won't abandon this wiki completely in the future. World Anvil works better for organizing my notes, and it's egotistical to create a wiki yourself in a lot of ways.

    For now, this site will remain where it is. I am considering setting myself a timeframe, and if you, my dear readers, do not start to make use of this site yourselves, by that time, then I will contact FANDOM's staff about deleting it.

    Thank you for your time, and your support.

    ~ Ash

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  • AshWolf Forever

    Hello, my lovely readers!

    I am currently in the middle of transferring the contents of the CRYSTAL PRISM WIKI to WORLD ANVIL and TOYHOUSE. I assume you might not be not familiar with all of those terms. Let me explain.

    THE CRYSTAL PRISM WIKI was opened on WIKIA, now known as FANDOM, in 2014. My intention was to create an online database for my readers to explore and reference. I've often called the wiki "my Pottermore". As of this writing, it boasts around 144 pages. I used a wiki instead of a website so if readers wanted to work on it, they could. This has never happened. Aside from myself, the only editors to the wiki have been trolls and friends testing things for me.

    WORLD ANVIL is a worldbuilding site. It allows users to create the equiv…

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  • AshWolf Forever

    In the interest of cleaning up this site, I'm moving all my blog posts before 2018 to one. They will be dated and titled.

    November 28, 2014

    So far so good. This wiki is coming along pretty well. I think I will have all the red links on the main page taken care of by the end of the week. Thank you all for your support.

    December 22, 2014

    I have created a couple infobox templates for use on this wiki. Sadly, I have no idea how to create doc pages for them. If you do, feel free to do so. Sorry but your admin is inept. 

    May 7, 2015

    You may have noticed that the rules can now be found on the side rail. This is thanks to Fubuki風吹, a user on the community wiki. It shouldn't disrupt the ads there. The point is that there are some minor rules on this wiki…

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