This page is your home for premade article layouts. The boxes below will load the basic layout for their article subjects. To create an article, type the title of the article you wish to create in the box which best describes it's category. New boxes will be added at any time.

Please note that at this point, the created page preloads with the documentation of the template and is placed into the same category. To fix this, go to source editor from the dropdown beside "cancel" on the edit page, and remove the wiki text. Then, from the same dropdown menu, you can place it in the correct category. Thank you.

Characters Edit

This box is for all character pages, be they fully original characters or just ones borrowed.

Breeds Edit

This box is for breeds unique to Crystal Prism.

Lineage Edit

This box is for lineages or bloodlines unique to Crystal Prism.

Original Species Edit

This box is for species unique to Crystal Prism or species whose behavior is different enough from what is normally seen that simply looking up the species elsewhere will only yield incorrect information.

Series Edit

This box is for series, be it original or fanfiction in Crystal Prism.

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